Dietary guidance 2023-10-13
I'm your personalized health coach!
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to eat smart?
Sample prompts:
Can you check this menu?
I need a kosher meal.
How much sugar is okay?
Help me with my diet goal.
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Picky is a GPT developed by that functions as a personalized health coach. Its primary purpose is to assist users with their dietary and nutritional needs in a personalized and interactive manner.

Through Picky, users can engage in real-time conversations about various health-related topics, from exploring different types of meals to understanding the nuances of their nutritional benchmarks.

The GPT can offer insights into kosher meals, sugar intake, optimal diet goals, and more, making it a versatile tool for individuals with varied dietary restrictions and preferences.

Picky offers prompt starters such as 'Can you check this menu?', 'I need a kosher meal.', 'How much sugar is okay?', and 'Help me with my diet goal.', clearly indicating its role as a facilitator in dietary decision-making.

Significantly, Picky requires access to ChatGPT Plus, which suggests that it operates atop the ChatGPT platform to deliver its services. This symbiotic operation allows Picky to provide proficient assistance to users, leveraging the language processing capabilities of ChatGPT Plus.In essence, Picky is an intelligent solution for users seeking personalised dietary guidance and recommendations based on their unique lifestyle and needs.

As a health coach, the Picky GPT endeavors to help users 'eat smart' by providing informed suggestions on their dietary behaviors and choices.


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