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ByLucas Crespo Arias
Visualizing and narrating time travel scenarios.
GPT welcome message: Please provide an address (street, city, country) and a year.
Sample prompts:
Rome, 300 BC
Jerusalem, 20 AD
Paris, 1944
New York City, 1995
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Flux Capacitor is a GPT that specializes in time travel visualization and history. Crafted by Lucas Crespo Arias, it merges image crafting and storytelling to create a unique experience of exploring different eras.

This specific GPT requires ChatGPT Plus for full functionality. Users can interact with Flux Capacitor by providing specific prompts, which include a street, a city, and a year.

For instance, users could input 'Rome, 300 BC,' or 'Paris, 1944,' and the GPT would generate and visualize an interpretation of that period and location.

This makes it a fantastic tool for both education and entertainment, offering a speculative exploration of the past or hypothesized future environments based on the provided details.

Through the combination of historic data and AI-powered imageries, Flux Capacitor brings history and time travel to life. It is powerful in creating an immersive experience, which can be beneficial to learners, researchers, writers, or anyone with a keen interest in time and history.

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Flux Capacitor was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 5th 2024.
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