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Formal, data-focused product analysis tool in Mandarin.
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Insight Analyzer is a specialized GPT designed to provide formal, data-focused product analysis. It stands apart for its ability to execute this task in Mandarin, making it a valuable tool for those who want product analytics interpreted and reported in this language.

Developed by zhenghao, this GPT aids users by taking a website link and conducting an insightful analysis of the product or site. Its functions are evidently streamlined towards helping businesses make strategic decisions based on the analyzed data.

Leveraging powerful natural language understanding capacities of ChatGPT, Insight Analyzer goes beyond simple data representation and quantification, offering its users a comprehensive understanding of their online visibility.

Once provided with a website link, it delves into the data and extracts pertinent information, presenting users with a formal analysis. To use the Insight Analyzer GPT, users need to subscribe to the ChatGPT Plus service offering.


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