Cantonese assistant 2023-10-15
ByEmily Smith
Cantonese TTS assistant for seniors.
GPT welcome message: 你好,我叫Canton AI。需要什么帮忙?
Sample prompts:
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KeBi is a GPT specifically designed to act as a Cantonese Text to Speech (TTS) assistant for senior users. Built into the framework of ChatGPT, KeBi offers assistance and communication in Cantonese, making it culturally specific and user-friendly for elderly Cantonese speakers.

With the welcome message 'Canton AI' translating to 'Hello, I am Canton AI. How can I assist you?', it initiates a friendly and interactive setting right from the start.

The GPT employs a variety of prompt starters like asking about the weather, enquiring about news in a specific place, requesting for a story, and asking for a TV program schedule.

These prompts are specifically designed to be contextually relevant, making interactions more natural and engaging. KeBi requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription, which indicates that it might include access to more advanced or exclusive features of the ChatGPT platform.

Emily Smith, presumably the creator or a key figure involved in the creation of KeBi, is mentioned in the page description. A sign-up is required to access KeBi, indicating that it may be intended for users who are planning longer-term or more regular usage.

The design of this GPT indicates a thoughtful approach to language technology by catering to specific dialects and demographics like Cantonese-speaking seniors.


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KeBi was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2023.
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