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Friendly dietician for concise nutritional analysis
GPT welcome message: Hi! Upload your food picture, and I'll give you a quick nutritional breakdown.
Sample prompts:
How many calories are in this meal?
Can you identify the protein content here?
What vitamins are present in this dish?
Give a brief nutrient breakdown of this food.
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NutriGuide Nutrition Analyst is a GPT designed to provide concise nutritional analysis of food. The premise is simple but very effective: users upload a picture of their meal, and the tool provides a quick nutritional breakdown.

This capability simplifies the process of understanding the nutritional value of food. Nutritional analysis includes the number of calories, protein content, as well as the type and quantities of vitamins found in the dish.

Users can also ask for a brief nutrient summary of any pictured food item. Developed by Mutlu Dogus Yildirim, this tool offers an easy-to-use method for people interested in understanding the nutritional content of their meals, helping them to make more informed dietary decisions.

Please note, this tool requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription. In summary, NutriGuide Nutrition Analyst aims to be a friendly digital dietitian, accessible at the user's convenience.


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