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Analysing, adapting and enhancing your English texts.
Sample prompts:
What can you do for me?
Check the difficulty of my text.
Create reading quizzes.
Create readings with keywords and grammar points
Adapt a text in a certain CEFR level
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The Smart ESL Teaching Assistant is a GPT designed to assist English language teachers in making their teaching process more effective and personalized for students.

It has several features that help automate and facilitate common tasks in English language teaching. The major functionalities of this tool focus on English text analysis, content creation and text adaptation to different proficiency levels.The GPT analyzes English text provided by the user to evaluate its difficulty level.

This enables teachers to assess whether the material is appropriate for their students' language proficiency levels. Another key feature of the Smart ESL Teaching Assistant is its ability to generate readings and quizzes based on the text provided.

This is a strategic utility aimed towards aiding in comprehension tests and understanding checks. The generated questions are designed to align with the context of the readings, thus, verifying the student's understanding.The tool can also adapt texts to match any English proficiency level, adhering to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

This function is particularly useful for tailoring content to suit the linguistic needs and levels of different students.Moreover, the tool is practical as a multi-level teaching aid with prompt starters such as 'What can you do for me?', 'Check the difficulty of my text.', 'Create reading quizzes.', 'Create readings with keywords and grammar points' and 'Adapt a text to a certain CEFR level.' Each of these capabilities is customizable to meet the varying demands of English education.

While any user can navigate these features with ease, a subscription to ChatGPT Plus may be necessary for extended access.


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