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Bypranati raheja
Crafts clickbait, SEO-smart YouTube titles.
GPT welcome message: Hey! Let's make your video title irresistible and SEO-smart.
Sample prompts:
Generate a title for a tech review video
Suggest a title for a cooking tutorial
Create a title for a travel vlog
Propose a title for a fitness challenge video
Create a title for a generic video
Suggest a title for a lifestyle vlog
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YT Video Title Generator is a GPT that can make YouTube video titles both eye-catching and optimized for search engine results. It can design titles, drawing inspiration from popular influencers.

This tool requires ChatGPT Plus and it has been designed to function as an add-on, enhancing its capabilities to a significant extent. The main objective of this GPT is to help creators produce irresistible and SEO-smart video titles.

The titles generated by this GPT are expected to be compelling to viewers while also capturing essential keywords to improve visibility on search engine results on the YouTube platform.

Typical prompts for this GPT include generating a title for a tech review video, suggesting a title for a cooking tutorial, creating a title for a travel vlog or a fitness challenge video, among others.

By using this AI tool, creators can not only enhance the appeal of their videos through engaging titles but also ensure improved discoverability through effective SEO strategies.


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YT Video Title Generator was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 20th 2023.
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