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Capture a video frame and ask questions about it.
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Ask on Video: 1-Click Capture & Ask is a browser extension designed to allow users to capture a frame from a video and ask the GPT-4Vision AI a question pertaining to it.

The tool can be used on a number of video platform sites like YouTube, enabling easy querying without having to navigate away from the ongoing video. The AI has comprehension capabilities in different topics such as Mathematics, Economics, and Programming.

The tool is activated by clicking the ICON or using a Shortcut, enabling users to interact with video material in a more comprehensive manner. The AI's responses are built upon GPT-4Vision's analysis of the selected frames, providing the user with information directly linked to the content they're viewing.

The extension is primarily aimed at users seeking to gain a more in-depth understanding of video material, whether for academic, professional or leisurely purposes.


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Pros and Cons


1-Click Capture & Ask
Browser extension
Video frame capture
Works on multiple platforms
Easy off-platform querying
Comprehension in Maths, Economics, Programming
Shortcut enabled
GPT-4Vision's analysis-based responses
Directly linked information
Academic, professional, leisure suitability
583KiB size
English Language
Data unabused
Frame-specific analysis
Interactive learning
Maintains video viewing flow
Video Q&A
Multimedia interaction
Offers in-depth understanding


Limited to browser extension
Limited to video platforms
Specific frame analysis only
Could miss ongoing context
Limited comprehension subjects
Dependent on GPT-4Vision
No multilingual support
No offline functionality
Data privacy concerns
Unclear error handling


What is the Ask on Video: 1-Click Capture & Ask tool used for?
How does the Ask on Video: 1-Click Capture & Ask tool work?
What video platforms is the Ask on Video extension compatible with?
How does GPT-4Vision AI support the Ask on Video tool?
What topics can GPT-4Vision AI comprehend?
How do I activate the Ask on Video tool?
What kind of user would benefit from the Ask on Video tool?
Can Ask on Video assist me with academic research?
Will the Ask on Video tool be useful in a professional setting?
How can the Ask on Video tool enhance my leisure viewing?
What happens when I click the ICON or use the Shortcut in Ask on Video?
How are the responses from GPT-4Vision AI connected to the video frame I selected?
How does Ask on Video analyze the selected video frames?
Can I ask questions directly on YouTube with Ask on Video?
Can Ask on Video comprehend video content in economic-related topics?
Can I use Ask on Video for queries on programming-related video content?
Is Ask on Video available on the Chrome Web Store?
Can the AI in Ask on Video determine the creditworthiness of its users?
Does Ask on Video collect personally identifiable information?
Can Ask on Video be used for lending purposes?

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