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Boost your English with instant feedback after every online call
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Fluently is an AI-powered tool designed to function as a personal speaking coach. The tool is developed to aid users by providing immediate feedback during their routine calls to help enhance their English communication skills.

Integrated features include accent refinement, grammatical improvement, and vocabulary building. Fluently works in an automated manner; once the user is engaged in an English call, the application activates and starts to analyze speech patterns.

Post-call, the tool generates feedback on the speech, providing users with an insightful review of their language skills displayed during the call. Not only does it help users in improvising spoken English, Fluently also lets users track their progress over time with the data it collates.

Driven by a privacy-focused ethos, Fluently ensures all the data transferred is encrypted using standard protocols for maximum security, and local storage allows users to have complete control over their data analyzed.

The app is set up to be compatible with every meeting platform, ensuring user convenience and expanding its usability. By continually using Fluently during English calls, non-native speakers and professionals can exponentially improve their mastery of the language.


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Jun 19, 2024
Great tool which helped me to enhance my English speaking skills

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Pros and Cons


Personal speaking coach
Real-time feedback
Accent refinement
Grammar improvement
Vocabulary enhancement
Automated speech analysis
Insightful post-call reviews
Language skill tracking
Privacy-focused ethos
Data encryption
Local data storage
User data control
Compatible with all meeting platforms
User convenience
Usability across platforms
Continuous learning
Reduces language mistakes
Pronunciation insights
Personalized English exercises
Growth tracking
English level tracking
Practical speaking practice
24/7 functionality
Secure data transfer
Full privacy control
Promotes speaking confidence


Only for English linguistic improvement
Analyzes only spoken language
Relies on call quality
Potential false positives/negatives
Possible invasion of privacy
Dependent on individual accents
Doesn't support offline usage
Could misinterpret dialects/slangs
May not handle multi-person calls effectively
Requires continuous usage for progress

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