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Android audio transcription and search.
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Heark is an AI-driven tool for recording, transcribing, and searching conversations on Android devices. It allows users to record any conversation or event and store unlimited audio files in secure private cloud storage.

Heark then transcribes the audio to text using its state-of-the-art AI transcription service, making it easily searchable for useful information. The audio and speech data is secured using Google authentication, and users can replay audio within the app, download it, or delete it at any time.

With Heark, users can use their Android device like a second long-term memory, and search through audio history by keyword and date range. Subscribers to Heark's newsletter can also receive updates on the latest features and news.

Heark was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 24th 2023.
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Nov 4, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Android compatible
Records any conversation
Unlimited audio storage
Secure private cloud storage
Transcribes audio to text
Searchable transcripts
Accessible secure Google authentication
Audio replay in-app
Downloadable audio files
Easily delete audio files
Use device as second memory
Audio history keyword search
Search by date range
Subscriber newsletter updates
Web-based dashboard access
Single device unlimited use
Shareable files
State-of-the-art transcription service
Automatic audio segmentation
Bulk downloads and deletions
Minutes-scaled transcription speed
Securely stored speech data


Dependent on Google authentication
Requires cloud storage
Transcription errors possible
Delayed transcription
No iOS version
Doesn't support local storage
Audio Storage unclassified
No bulk uploads
Absence of desktop version


What is Heark?
What does Heark do?
How does Heark transcribe audio to text?
Can Heark delete or download my audio files?
What is unique about Heark's transcription service?
Does Heark offer secure storage for audio files?
Is Heark available on Android devices?
How can Heark be used like a second long-term memory?
How can I search through my audio history with Heark?
How can I receive updates on Heark's latest features and news?
What does it mean that Heark uses 'artificial intelligence' for transcription?
Does Heark offer web interface access?
Can I record an entire day with Heark?
How can I access my transcribed text from Heark?
Are my audio files and transcriptions with Heark private?
How is my data secured with Heark?
I heard Heark can be used to recall useful information. How does that work?
What can Heark record?
Can I use Heark for unlimited transcription and storage?
Can Heark make my recordings searchable within minutes?

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