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Automate data entry with Keep AI
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Keep AI is a tool designed to automate data entry and receipt storage for businesses. The platform harnesses AI-driven technology to manage data entry tasks, thus freeing up valuable time and resources for businesses.

Users can automate their data entry by simply sending an email with a receipt to a designated email address. This process aids in alleviating some of the common challenges associated with manual data entry.

Beyond just automation, Keep AI also features elements of human-assisted accuracy. In situations where the AI may encounter challenges, human agents step in to ensure precise and accurate results.

Data processed by Keep AI can be effortlessly accessed via Google Sheets, which provides a convenient and familiar interface for viewing the collected data.

The platform also boasts secure cloud storage capabilities, ensuring receipts are stored securely for any future auditing needs. Additionally, Keep AI offers an efficient integration feature, which allows users to easily import their data from Google Sheets to their preferred accounting software, promoting seamless workflow integration.

It's been praised for its ability to revolutionize and streamline data entry processes, bolster productivity and improve accuracy in data entries.


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May 26, 2024
Keepy has been a game-changer for my business. The effortless data entry and reliable automation have streamlined our processes and saved us countless hours. Keepy's seamless integration with Google Sheets makes it easy to access and manage our financial data. It's an essential tool for any organization looking to boost efficiency and productivity. I highly recommend Keepy.

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Pros and Cons


Automates data entry
Human-assisted accuracy
Receipt Storage
Easy email receipt submission
Google Sheets integration
Secure cloud storage
Seamless accounting software integration
Enhanced Business Productivity
Streamlined data processes
24/7 automation reliability
Data accessibility across devices
Improved data entry accuracy
Convenient for auditing
Revolutionizes data entry


Limited to email-based receipt submission
Dependent on Google Sheets
No offline mode
Dependent on human correction
Cloud-only storage
Potential email receipt loss
Limited to specific accounting software
Limited data access and retrieval
Lack of multi-platform support
No mentioned data backup feature


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