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Aids teachers in grading student essays.
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The AI Essay Grader is a tool designed to streamline the grading process for teachers by providing a virtual thought partner to grade essays. The tool aims to return essays more quickly, providing teachers with a clear list of issues and suggestions to improve the essay.

The AI Essay Grader also iteratively provides feedback during the revision process, allowing students to improve their writing over time. According to the website, the tool grades essays in about a minute, making it a faster alternative to traditional grading methods.

Additionally, the tool is free while in Beta Test mode, providing an opportunity for teachers to try it out before committing to a paid subscription. Overall, the AI Essay Grader is a useful tool for teachers looking to streamline the grading process by utilizing AI technology.

It provides quick and accurate feedback to students, helping them to improve their writing skills over time.

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Pros and Cons


Quick grading process
Iterative feedback for revisions
Highlights specific essay issues
Provides suggestions for improvement
Free in Beta Test mode
Accurate feedback to students
Can streamline grading process
Faster than traditional grading
Virtual assistant for teachers


In Beta Test mode
May miss nuanced grading
Lacks personalised feedback
No mention of language support
Only grades essays
No adaptability information
Subscription-based after Beta Test
Possibility of generalised suggestions
No feedback iteration control


What is the purpose of MyEssayGrader?
How does MyEssayGrader assist teachers in grading?
Can MyEssayGrader be used for any subject?
What is the usual turn-around time for grading with MyEssayGrader?
Is MyEssayGrader a paid platform?
How accurate is MyEssayGrader's assessment?
How does the MyEssayGrader provide feedback for revision?
What issues does MyEssayGrader identity in an essay?
Is MyEssayGrader available for individual students or just teachers?
Can MyEssayGrader handle bulk essay grading?
What are the benefits of using MyEssayGrader?
Does MyEssayGrader have any subscription plans?
Is there a demo version of MyEssayGrader available?
What type of essays can MyEssayGrader grade?
Is the registration process for MyEssayGrader simple?
Is there a limit to the number of essays that can be graded in MyEssayGrader?
How does MyEssayGrader help students improve their writing?
How long is MyEssayGrader free during Beta Testing?
Can multiple teachers from the same institution use MyEssayGrader?
What is the process to get started with MyEssayGrader?

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