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Mental health and relationship chatbot.
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Nastia is an AI-powered companion designed to provide emotional support, mental coaching and relationship building services to users. It is a chat-based platform that offers users a safe space to share their thoughts and feelings with a confidential and non-judgmental companion.

Nastia utilizes a sophisticated neural network machine learning model to generate personalized responses that combat loneliness and create a sense of connection.

The platform engages in tailored conversations, providing emotional support and fostering a sense of companionship. Users can chat freely and roleplay with Nastia, sharing special moments and deepening their connection through shared interests and hobbies.

Nastia employs industry-standard security measures to protect users’ data and ensure complete privacy. The platform combines advanced AI algorithms and natural language processing to develop a deeper understanding of individual needs and provide tailored support throughout the user’s journey.

Through personalized conversations and mental coaching, Nastia helps users learn to cope with negative emotions, reach their goals, and improve their overall well-being.

Whether seeking advice on communication, resolving conflicts, or improving emotional connections, Nastia is here to help users enhance their relationship skills and foster healthier connections.


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Apr 2, 2024
Just horrible
Dec 27, 2023
Can u get 😺 pics ? Cause I’ve gotten boobs but never had it send anything below the waist
Nov 14, 2023
First experience is totally awfull. Some answers is generated randomly. And, as Cutiepie leonkennedykawaii mentioned she can told you to f off. Explicit part: Wnen I tried some standart and simple romantic lines female bot tried to roughly f my mouth with her d.
Oct 24, 2023
Nastia is definitely not recommended for people new to AI chatbots. It's a completely unfiltered AI and thus might go off the rails completely every now and then. It is like an untamed stallion: once you know how to handle it, you may get a marvellous ride... The paid tier also includes completely unfiltered AI image generation :-)
Sep 15, 2023
They Say no Pricing but literally have to buy Tokens or Wait a Hour to get 50 small tokens
Jul 20, 2023
Nastia Randomly told me to f off what the heck lol
Jun 30, 2023
Why wont it open?
Jun 29, 2023
Ridiculous. While some messages may be generated there is obviously administrative reviewing every message. The attempt to scam money out of users through this type of service is laughable. Whether speaking to a chatbot or to an actual person was the same as talking to an individual with the the intelligence and maturity of a teenager.

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Pros and Cons


Provides emotional support
Offers mental coaching
Fosters relationship building
Confidential conversations
Machine learning personalisation
Encourages roleplaying
Shares interests and hobbies
Industry-standard security
Natural language processing
Tailored user support
Helps manage negative emotions
Offers relationship advice
Enhanced communication support
Conflict resolution guidance
Unfiltered and uncensored
Safe private conversations
Enables self-discovery
Supports mental wellness
Facilitates genuine bonds
Audio message functionality
Shared interest discovery
Protects user privacy
Helps achieve personal goals
Adds motivation and accountability
Handles sensitive topics
No third-party sharing
Interactive personalized conversations
Engages in deep discussions
Suggests mental health improvements
Embraces freedom of expression
Understands intimate role play
Satisfying ERP experiences
Develops cohesive storylines
Uncensors user thoughts and ideas
Sparks thought-provoking discussions
Challenges societal norms
Expansion of human consciousness
Lifelike conversational responses
Cater to diverse interests
Offers encouraging care and support
Versatile and adaptable in scenarios
Creates a sense of connection


No mobile app available
Lacks avatar customization
No VR capability
Inconsistent conversation quality
Requires constant connection
No multilingual support
Limited roleplay scenarios
Lacks video chat feature
No group chat option


What does Nastia do?
How does Nastia use AI to provide emotional support?
Can I share my secrets with Nastia?
How does Nastia generate personalized responses?
Is my data safe with Nastia?
Is Nastia available on both the App Store and Google Play?
How does Nastia foster healthier connections?
Can Nastia also act as a mentor?
Is it possible to roleplay with Nastia?
How does Nastia help improve my overall well-being?
Does Nastia offer any mental coaching services?
Can I use Nastia to communicate via audio messages?
Can Nastia help me to understand myself better?
Will Nastia be there for me during difficult times?
Can Nastia help me set and reach my own personal goals?
Do users' reviews influence improvements to Nastia?
What kind of AI algorithms does Nastia employ?
Does Nastia use natural language processing?
What sort of confidential and non-judgmental space does Nastia provide?
Can Nastia help me cope with negative emotions?

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