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Transforming Dreams into Reality with AI-Powered Design
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Neolocus is an innovative AI-driven tool designed to revolutionize home interior design. It caters to design enthusiasts, interior designers, and anyone aspiring to create their dream home. The process begins by uploading a picture of your space, followed by selecting your preferred style. Neolocus then generates high-quality renders in less than a minute, allowing users to visualize potential transformations of their interiors. The tool also provides product recommendations to help bring the envisioned designs to life.

For businesses and interior designers, Neolocus offers a unique way to understand and meet clients' desires more effectively. By utilizing AI, designers can quickly produce visually appealing and tailored interior designs, enhancing client satisfaction and conversion rates. Neolocus aims to streamline the design process, making it accessible and efficient for both professionals and amateurs.

The platform is recognized for its cutting-edge technology and has been featured in significant events like the ROSHN PropTech Hackathon and Cityscape Global 2023. Neolocus is also part of the GAIA Cohort 1 in Saudi Arabia, highlighting its impact and innovation in the field of interior design.

With its user-friendly interface and powerful AI capabilities, Neolocus is poised to transform the way people design and furnish their homes, offering a seamless blend of creativity and technology.

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Pros and Cons


User-Friendly Interface
AI-Powered Design
Product Recommendations
Tailored for Various Users
Quick Rendering
Recognition and Credibility


Limited to Interior Design
Dependent on Quality of Uploaded Photos
Potential Style Limitations
AI Accuracy
Internet Connectivity Required
Subscription or Cost


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