ChatGPT on Mac 2023-02-22
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Automated productivity assistant for Mac.
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Raycast AI is an AI-powered productivity tool for Mac users. It is designed to help users work smarter and faster by automating mundane tasks and providing a layer of context to increase productivity.

Raycast AI includes features such as ChatGPT, which allows users to talk to AI without interruption, the ability to create AI commands to accelerate tasks, and API integration to make extensions smarter.

It is currently in Beta and offers free use of all AI features. Additionally, Raycast AI offers a waitlist to control the rollout of the product, and has an FAQ section to answer the most frequently asked questions.

It also provides access to a Slack Community to help shape the product and a newsletter to keep users informed of the latest news and updates.


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Raycast AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


ChatGPT integration
Automates mundane tasks
No code required
API integration
Beta version free
Waitlist control
FAQ support
Integrates with macOS
Slack Community access
Newsletter for updates
Enhances productivity
Wrapping with context
Enhances Mac applications
Constant product development
Works across all applications
Accelerates task completion
Supports team sharing
Community involvement for enhancement
Portable by `brew install`
Requires macOS 11+
Regular shipping updates


Macs only
No Windows support
No Linux support
Still in beta
Possible future costs
Waitlist for access
No mobile version
Restricted to English.


What is Raycast AI?
How does the ChatGPT feature work in Raycast AI?
How can I automate tasks using Raycast AI?
How do I integrate APIs with Raycast AI?
What platforms is Raycast AI available on?
How can Raycast AI help me increase my productivity on Mac?
Why is Raycast AI in beta?
Is Raycast AI free to use?
Why does Raycast AI have a waitlist?
What is the purpose of the Slack Community in Raycast AI?
How will I stay informed of updates on Raycast AI?
Can I write and generate code with Raycast AI?
What kind of tasks can I automate with Raycast AI?
How does Raycast AI handle user data?
How can I download and install Raycast AI?
When will the AI features in Raycast AI be generally available?
What is the cost of AI features in Raycast AI post-beta phase?
How can I contribute to the improvement of Raycast AI?
Does Raycast AI provide support for development and troubleshooting?
What kind of benefits can I expect from subscribing to the Raycast AI newsletter?


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