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Enhanced long exposure photos for iPhone.
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Spectre is an AI-powered shutter for your iPhone designed to take long exposures. It uses cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning-based scene detection and computer vision aided image stabilization to capture stunning images.

Its dark UI is gentle on the eyes when shooting at night and its custom typefaces and iconography make for a tactile and delightful user experience. It is also equipped with DCI-P3 Wide Color Gamut, Live Photos, HEIC Capture and Pipeline, Metal Graphics Acceleration, Tripod Detection, Auto-Stabilize, Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

Spectre is currently on sale for a limited time and can be downloaded from the App Store. It is made by the same team that brought Halide and its press kit is available for download.


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Spectre was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Enhanced long exposure photos
Machine learning-based scene detection
Computer vision aided stabilization
Dark UI for night shooting
Custom typefaces and iconography
DCI-P3 Wide Color Gamut
Live Photos feature
HEIC Capture and Pipeline
Metal Graphics Acceleration
Tripod Detection
Auto-Stabilize feature
Can erase crowds from photos
Nighttime scene detection
Saves entire exposure process
One-handed usability
Unique smooth controls
Capable of light painting
Hooks for press kit download


Only available on iPhone
No Android version
Lacks manual exposure settings
No physical camera feedback
Single-purpose functionality
Doesn't support older iPhone models
Limited time sale unclear
No PC version
UI may not be intuitive
Limited adjustment features after capture


What is Spectre?
How does Spectre use AI technologies?
What is the significance of DCI-P3 Wide Color Gamut in Spectre?
What does the Live Photos feature do in Spectre?
How does the HEIC Capture and Pipeline function work in Spectre?
What is the role of Metal Graphics Acceleration in Spectre?
How does Spectre detect a tripod?
How does Spectre make use of machine learning and computer vision?
What unique UI features does Spectre offer?
How does the auto-stabilize feature help in Spectre?
Can Spectre be operated single-handedly?
How does Spectre make long exposures easier?
What's the purpose of Nighttime AI scene detection in Spectre?
How does the Spectre's smart long exposures work?
How can Spectre help me take photos in crowded locations?
How is Spectre's performance while shooting at night?
Who developed Spectre and what other apps have they made?
Is there a sale going on for Spectre?
How can I download Spectre from the App Store?
Is there a press kit available for Spectre?


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