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Identifying Twitter bots on trending topics.
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Spot a Bot is an AI tool that provides insights into the potential influence of machine-generated Twitter posts on current trending topics. It visually displays the estimated number of accounts on Twitter that are bots by analyzing Twitter trends.

By selecting a trend from the UK, USA, or Germany, users can view the model accuracy, total accounts analyzed, and total tweets analyzed. Additionally, users can follow the Twitter handle @SpotABot_ to stay up to date on the latest trends and insights.

The tool also provides an Imprint and Privacy Policy page for users to review. Spot a Bot can be a helpful tool for those looking to gain valuable insights into the influence of machine-generated posts on current trending topics.


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Spot a Bot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Tracks Twitter bot influence
Analyzes current trends
Visually displays bot accounts
Model accuracy provided
Total accounts analyzed figure
Total tweets analyzed figure
Follow for updates
Privacy Policy page
Imprint provided
Checks past Twitter trends
Option to select region
Insights into bot activity
Statistics on bot presence


Limited geographic focus
No API for integration
Dependent on trend selection
Requires JavaScript enabled
No real-time tracking
Limited educational resources
No multiple languages support


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Why is it important to know how many Twitter accounts are bots?
How do I follow Spot a Bot on Twitter?
Can I view the history of trends on Spot a Bot?
Does Spot a Bot have a Privacy Policy page?
What does Spot a Bot mean by model accuracy?
What value can Spot a Bot provide for me?
What does the total count of accounts and tweets analyzed on Spot a Bot represent?
Does the Spot a Bot tool require JavaScript to run?
Does Spot a Bot have an Imprint page?


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