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Supa Doc is a software as a service (SaaS) product for system engineers that leverages machine learning, specifically GPT4, to automate the creation of various types of documents.

Users input a brief description or concept, and the AI then analyses the text to generate detailed, high-quality deliverables. The tool's capabilities extend to the generation of Marketing Plans, Software System Specifications, Function Design Specifications, Business Plans, and Business Test Cases.

It also supports document generation in multiple languages, including English and Chinese.Backed by a low code development platform, Supa Doc provides an AI Native Engine with low code agility.

The platform aims to simplify the document creation process by automating content generation, ensuring accuracy, and saving time. Its objective is to capture the user's vision accurately based on the description provided, thereby making it an essential tool for professionals who require proficiency and agility in document creation.Supa Doc incorporates several pricing plans designed to cater to versatile usage needs.

They range from pay-as-you-go to monthly subscription plans, each offering different quantities of AI document creations. Users can effortlessly upgrade or downgrade their plans based on their requirements.

All information input into the platform is secured using advanced encryption and stringent data protection protocols.Customer support is available for all plans, with premium support offered to monthly subscription plan users.

Future updates are in the pipeline, which includes AI translations, automated marketing copywriting, event planning with AI assistance, among other innovative features.


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Dec 22, 2023
It's pretty easy to generate a production requirement document just by typing a single sentence description.
Dec 22, 2023
It's pretty easy to generate a full production requirement just by typing a single sentence.
Dec 21, 2023
It can generate word document > 30 pages and with a best practice structure, very helpful to Product manager, QA, startup owner etc.

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Supa Doc was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 19th 2023.

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Pros and Cons


Automates content generation
Creates high-quality deliverables
Supports multilingual document generation
Low code development platform
Flexible pricing plans
Pay-as-you-go option
Monthly subscription plans
Advanced encryption for data security
Stringent data protection protocols
Premium customer support
Upgrade or downgrade plans easily
Future updates and enhancements
GPT4 backed
Instant document creation
Multiple types of documents supported
Aims for accurate representation
Marketing Plan generation
Software System Spec generation
Business Plan generation
Business Test Case generation
Leading Low Code Development Platform
Automated marketing copywriting planned
Versatile usage needs catered for


Missing real-time collaboration feature
Lack of analytics
No live text editing
Does not support all languages
No quantity control for subscriptions
No free plan available
Lacks variety in document types
Hidden costs in plan upgrades


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What are the pricing plans available on Supa Doc?
Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan on Supa Doc?
How secure is my data on the Supa Doc platform?
What customer support options are available on Supa Doc?
What are the upcoming features on Supa Doc?
How does Supa Doc ensure the accuracy of the generated doc?
What happens if my description is too brief for Supa Doc to interpret?
How does Supa Doc cater to different quantities of AI document creations?
What does 'Low Code Agility' mean in the context of Supa Doc?
What kinds of professionals would find Supa Doc most useful?
Can Supa Doc generate marketing content?
What innovative features are scheduled for Supa Doc?
What advantages does the Supa Doc's monthly subscription plan offer?
What are the document samples available on Supa Doc?
How does the Pay-As-You-Go plan on Supa Doc work?

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