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Twelve Labs is an AI-driven video search platform that helps developers create applications that can see, listen, and understand the world like humans.

It does this by providing developers with the most powerful video search API. Twelve Labs recently raised $12 million in seed extension funding and partnered with Oracle to bring video understanding to market.The Twelve Labs platform works by extracting key features from video such as action, object, text on screen, speech, and people.

It then transforms this information into vector representations, enabling fast and scalable semantic search. Its AI models outperform open-source and commercial models, recently ranking #1 in the video retrieval track from the 2021 ICCV VALUE Challenge hosted by Microsoft.The platform is also customizable to fit specific needs, offering multimodal contextual understanding and easy integration with just a few API calls.

It is used by developers and product managers to build applications with a rich understanding of video content.Twelve Labs provides a suite of APIs and a playground to help developers quickly and easily make their video catalogs searchable.

It is used in a variety of applications, such as contextual advertising, content moderation, evidence search, content search, media analytics, digital asset management, brand safety, lecture search, video recommendation, and video editing.


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Pros and Cons


Extracts key features from videos
Transforms information into vector representations
Fast and scalable semantic search
Outperforms open-source and commercial models
Won #1 in ICCV VALUE Challenge
Customizable platform
Easy API integration
Rich understanding of video content
Used for multiple applications
Effective for contextual advertising
Enables content moderation
Efficient in evidence search
Improves content search
Enhances media analytics
Assists in digital asset management
Ensures brand safety
Simplifies lecture search
Smoothens video recommendation
Assists in video editing
Search any visuals, conversations, logos, text
End-to-end infrastructure
State-of-the-art accuracy
Two-step (Index - Search) process
Supports multiple outputs, minimal training
Easy deployment
APIs and playground for developers
Transforms video into a vector embedding
Offers fine-tuned models
Used for locating ad insertion points
Efficient in identifying safety violations
Search precise moments within CCTV footage


Lack of pricing information
No download option
No offline capabilities
Requires technical knowledge
Customization may take time
Limited documentation
Doesn't support all languages
May miss nuanced context
No distributed search option
No mobile app


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Does Twelve Labs provide any APIs for developers?
Who can use Twelve Labs?
What are some potential use cases for Twelve Labs?
How does Twelve Labs' AI model compare to open-source and commercial models?
What kind of needs can Twelve Labs optimize for?
What experience does Twelve Labs provide for developers?
What about Twelve Labs makes it superior in the video retrieval track?
Can Twelve Labs be integrated with other platforms or tools?
Who are the partners of Twelve Labs?
What are the steps in integrating Twelve Labs' video understanding AI?
How can Twelve Labs make a video catalog searchable?
How can developers adjust Twelve Labs to their domain-specific needs?
Can users fine-tune models using Twelve Labs' platform?
What role does Twelve Labs play in content moderation?

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