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Rapidly grasp new code with a VS Code extension.
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The "What does this code do?" tool is designed to help users understand any piece of code they may not fully comprehend. Using the powerful GPT4 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4) algorithm, this tool allows users to paste their code into the editor and click "Explain Code." GPT4 will then output a paragraph that explains what the code is doing.

The example provided in the text demonstrates the process, where the code defines two arrays and finds the common values between them, returning the result as a set.

The tool is available as a Visual Studio Code (vscode) extension and includes a library of other generated explanations. It was created by @thebuilderjr and is sponsored by beam analytics.

It is important to note that the tool's functionality is based on GPT4, which may have its limitations, and its generated explanations may not always be compatible with the user's expectations.

Users should carefully evaluate the explanations provided by the tool and use their judgment to confirm the results. In conclusion, "What does this code do?" is a helpful tool for anyone dealing with unfamiliar pieces of code.

It allows for quick understanding and can be used in conjunction with other tools and techniques to ensure the correct implementation of code.


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Pros and Cons


VS Code extension
Rapid code comprehension
Uses GPT4 algorithm
User-friendly interface
Immediate code explanation
Compatible with multiple languages
Comprehensible explanation output
Library of generated explanations
Built by experienced developer
Sponsored by data analytics company
User judgement integration
Can be used in conjunction
Streamlines correct code implementation
Pairs with other dev tools
Open-source foundation


Limited to VS Code
Inaccurate code explanations
Depends on GPT4 limitations
No offline functionality
No API for integration
No support for all languages
Unclear update/maintenance schedule
Potential privacy concerns
No customization options
Dependent on third-party sponsorship


What is 'What does this code do?'?
How does 'What does this code do?' work?
What technology does 'What does this code do?' use for code explanation?
How can I use 'What does this code do?'?
Is there any VS Code extension available for 'What does this code do?'?
Who created 'What does this code do?'?
Who sponsors 'What does this code do?'?
What are the limitations of 'What does this code do?'?
What should I do if the explanation is not compatible with my expectations?
Can 'What does this code do?' be used in conjunction with other tools?
How reliable are the explanations provided by 'What does this code do?'?
How can 'What does this code do?' be employed in real-time projects?
Is the 'What does this code do?' tool frequently updated?
To which audience is 'What does this code do?' most suitable?
How does the tool define arrays?
How to download 'What does this code do?' as a VS code extension?
Where can I read other generated explanations of 'What does this code do?'?
What is beam analytics?
Is there a privacy policy available for 'What does this code do?'?
What should I do if I encounter issues while using 'What does this code do?'?


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