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ByJoseph Hyatt
Paste your code, understand what it does.
GPT welcome message: Hello, I'm Code Insight Bot, your code detective!
Sample prompts:
Paste your Python code here.
How can I refine this JavaScript function?
Provide an overview of this React component.
Detail this code segment's functionality.
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Code Insight Bot is a GPT designed to provide insights and understanding about given code. It aims to make code comprehension easier for users who might not be familiar with coding syntax or those who need assistance in understanding complex codes.

The user can paste their code, and the bot will interpret and explain the functionality of the code to the user. The GPT's assistance extends to various programming languages, as suggested by the prompts which include references to Python, JavaScript, and React component.

This facilitates a broad spectrum of code understanding, from basic script functionality to the details of specific code segments or refining a JavaScript function.

However, the Code Insight Bot is not limited to these languages, providing wide-ranging assistance in code comprehension. The GPT is available as a part of ChatGPT Plus and requires a subscription for access.

The aim of Code Insight Bot is to assist in making one's coding journey easier by interpreting and providing an overview of the functionality of users' code, acting like a personalized code detective.


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