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ByDaniel Johnson
I dissect Power Query M code.
GPT welcome message: Hi there! Ready to tackle some Power Query M code?
Sample prompts:
Explain what this step is doing to my table.
What transformation does this code apply?
How is this M code changing my dataset?
Can you detail the purpose of this Power Query step?
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Power Query Code Analyst is a GPT designed to dissect, analyze and interpret Power Query M code, a language used for data connection and transformation.

This tool can bring clarity to users particularly in understanding what transformations are applied to their data by specific M code. It acts as an explanatory application that guides users in unveiling what happens during each step of their data processing flow.

User interaction with this GPT is performed via prompts where questions related to the operation of the M code can be asked. Queries like 'Explain what this step is doing to my table?', 'What transformation does this code apply?', 'How is this M code changing my dataset?', and 'Can you detail the purpose of this Power Query step?' can be answered, assisting in understanding the data manipulation scope and function.

A necessary assistance for those dealing with Power Query M code but lacking the nuanced understanding of its operation, this tool translates the complex coding process into understandable responses.

However, the GPT requires ChatGPT Plus to function, indicating that a subscription of ChatGPT Plus would be needed in order for users to fully take advantage of the Power Query Code Analyst's capabilities.


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