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ByIncendiary Design LTD
Analyze your essays, elevate your writing.
Sample prompts:
Essay Checker, I have an essay for you!
Need essay feedback, Essay Checker!
Essay Checker, ready for an essay review?
Essay Checker, can you review my draft?
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Essay Checker is a GPT developed by Incendiary Design LTD. This AI-driven tool aims to act as a personalized writing mentor, capable of analyzing your essays against the initial briefs.

The core feature of the GPT is providing detailed feedback to help clients improve their works. As its analysis focuses on structure, style, and grammar, the tool is designed to help elevate the quality of your writing.

Essay Checker operates on the ChatGPT platform, aiming to provide instant, objective feedback to help users improve their texts. Its interactive design suggests it to be user-friendly, using customized prompt starters like 'Essay Checker, I have an essay for you!', 'Need essay feedback, Essay Checker!' for an easy, interactive experience.

Keep in mind that access to the tool depends on the subscription to the ChatGPT Plus, an advanced version of the basic ChatGPT. Hence, be prepared for possible subscription requirements.

Overall, Essay Checker is a practical tool that brings an automated, analytical approach to essay checks, supporting writing improvements and refinement.


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Essay Checker was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 4th 2024.
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