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A guide for enhancing college admissions essays.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to refine your college admissions essay?
Sample prompts:
I need you to read a set of essays.
Please show me how to upload my rubric.
I would like you to read these essays and focus on logical coherence and syntax.
Please review these essays for grammar, syntax, and coherence.
Evaluate this essay for its overall argument or point: Is it clear what the student is trying to say? Why or why not?
Please read this essay for narrative structure, argument, and clarity of thought.
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The 'College Admissions Essay Reader' is a GPT specifically designed to assist in enhancing college admissions essays. The primary purpose of this tool is to provide interactive guidance and constructive feedback on essay drafts.

It aims to enhance the logical coherence, syntax, clarity of thought, and overall narrative structure of the content. The GPT requires ChatGPT Plus for operation.

Users are welcomed with a prompt that gets them started towards refining their college admissions essays. To operate this tool, users prompt it with specific tasks related to their essay, such as asking for a read through focusing on syntax and coherence, uploading a rubric, or requesting an evaluation of the overall argument.

It is also equipped to review and evaluate essays for grammar, syntax, coherence, narrative structure, and clarity of thought. The 'College Admissions Essay Reader' aims to be a reliable tool for students to polish their essays, enhancing their chances for a successful college admission process.

Its interactive nature allows users to adapt and make improvements following the tool's feedback, imbuing their essays with much-needed objectivity and proficiency.


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