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A Creative Writing and Essay Tutor for You.
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Sample prompts:
How can I improve the flow of my story?
What are some techniques to develop characters?
Can you provide feedback on my essay's structure?
I'm stuck with writer's block, any advice?
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Gauss AI Writing is a GPT designed as a creative writing and essay tutor. This tool utilizes the capabilities of ChatGPT, but provides functionalities beyond mere dialoguing.

Gauss AI Writing aids in not just answering queries but also in a more expansive manner, involving providing suggestions to improve written content, giving different options of techniques to develop characters in a story, offering feedback on essay structures, and even suggesting ideas to counter writer's block.

This GPT primarily functions as a writing aid, making it an asset for writers, students, educators, and anybody keen on improving their writing skills.

One unique aspect of Gauss AI Writing is its ability to turn the complexity of artificial intelligence into user-friendly, interactive educational support.

It skillfully interacts with users and provides actionable solutions to their specific writing-related queries and concerns. It requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus for usage.


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