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ByZack Hudson
Expands 2D art, keeps the original.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Let's expand your artwork with precision and respect for the original.
Sample prompts:
Expand this art
Preserve original detail
Enlarge with original style
Extend artwork boundaries
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Image Expander is a Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) that targets the domain of digital art and image manipulation. This specialized artificial intelligence tool operates predominantly on 2D art, providing a mechanism to expand the represented artwork while preserving the originality and particular detail of the initial image.

It does not merely scale the image but authentically enlarges it, preserving the original style and detail. Using Image Expander, users can efficiently extend the boundaries of their artwork while maintaining the aesthetic and artistic integrity of the piece.

The tool requires integration with ChatGPT Plus and uses specific prompt starters such as 'Expand this art', 'Preserve original detail', 'Enlarge with original style', and 'Extend artwork boundaries.' These prompts facilitate user interaction with the GPT, providing straightforward commands that help define desired outcomes.

Image Expander is an illustrative case of how AI can be utilized in creative domains, offering artists a high degree of control over the modification of their work while also opening new dimensions for artistic expression and experimentation.

Image Expander was created with precision and respect for original artwork at its core, hence it strives to ensure that the original feel and character of the art remain uncompromised during the expansion process.


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