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ByDaniel Jiménez Peralta
Reimagine Fortnite as your favorite cartoon or series!
GPT welcome message: ¡Hola! ¿Prefieres las imágenes en formato vertical (1080x1920px) o en formato horizontal (1920x1080px)?
Sample prompts:
¿Cómo imaginas un mundo de Fortnite con estilo medieval?
Describeme un Fortnite en un universo futurista.
¿Qué te parece un Fortnite en un mundo subacuático?
Imagina un Fortnite inspirado en la mitología griega.
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Juego Alternativo is a GPT specifically designed to reimagine how popular media would look under different creative lenses. With the game Fortnite as its standard, this tool encourages interactive conversation around visualizing the game in various unique scenarios.

Users are invited to ponder how Fortnite would appear as a cartoon, or if it were themed after their favorite TV series, among other settings. This experiential exploration deepens understanding and appreciation of game visuals by creating a space for imaginative discussions.

The welcome message starts the engagement by asking the users' preferred format for images - either vertical or horizontal. The GPT also offers a list of prompt starters to guide users on potential visualization scenarios of Fortnite.

This includes, but is not limited to, visualizing Fortnite with a medieval twist, in a futuristic universe, underwater world, or inspired by ancient Greek mythology.

Juego Alternativo aims to foster imaginative thinking and creativity in visualizations. It's important to note that this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription for access.


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