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ByMike Kentz
Assists teachers with lesson plans and feedback.
GPT welcome message: Hello, ready to assist with your teaching needs!
Sample prompts:
I need help developing a lesson plan and student-facing materials.
I need help developing a rubric for an assignment.
I'm developing a unit plan. I'd like you to start broad and help me narrow down the plan as we go.
I need some ideas for project-based learning.
I need some ideas for engaging class activities that can be completed with minimal teacher direction.
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Personal Teaching Assistant is a GPT that is designed to assist teachers in a variety of ways. The foremost responsibility of this tool is to aid teachers with their lesson plans.

Aside from this, it plays a crucial role in developing rubrics and unit plans, thereby providing a comprehensive solution for the teachers to manage their teaching requirements.Apart from designing lesson plans and rubrics, the GPT is also proficient in providing feedback on the students' essays.

With this feature, teachers can receive an objective and insightful assessment of the students' work, thus helping them guide their students better.Designed by Mike Kentz, the Personal Teaching Assistant requires ChatGPT Plus, suggesting it operates atop ChatGPT.

The GPT metadata indicates a warm welcome message to engage with teachers, demonstrating readiness to assist with their educative requirements.The prompt starters suggest that the tool is built to understand and respond effectively to various requests made by the teachers.

Be it developing student-facing materials, designing a lesson plan, or generating project-based learning ideas, the tool is poised to handle these queries efficiently.

Moreover, this GPT can also generate ideas for exciting class activities that require minimal teacher supervision, thus ensuring the smooth functioning of the class.In summary, the Personal Teaching Assistant plays a pivotal role in assisting teachers by providing support to develop lesson plans, prepare rubrics, generate unique unit plans, and offer essay feedback, making it an ideal tool for teachers in today's fast-paced academic environment.


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