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Advanced AI assistant for educational material development.
GPT welcome message: Hello, I'm Teach Aid, ready to assist with your educational needs!
Sample prompts:
How can I make my lessons more interactive?
What are some brain-friendly teaching methods?
Can you suggest some hands-on learning activities?
How to apply neuroscience in teaching?
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Teach Aid is a GPT that aims to offer assistance in innovative educational material development. This tool makes the most of AI capabilities to furnish solutions related to educational needs.

By operating on the back of the AI program, ChatGPT, Teach Aid serves the purpose of enhancing the design, content and execution of teaching methodologies.

Ideally, it serves as a platform to make lessons more interactive and engaging. In principle, the tool is intended to answer questions involving brain-friendly teaching methods, suggesting hands-on learning activities and how to apply neuroscience to teaching.

Broadly, Teach Aid is capable of providing answers to a wide variety of education-related queries, from specific teaching strategies to general education insights.

The tool aims to support the development of educational materials that are both engaging and optimized for maximal learning efficacy, based on sound pedagogical principles.

Sign-ups and further interaction with Teach Aid require the activation of ChatGPT Plus. This GPT tool could potentially contribute significantly to the redefining of education services, making them not only more accessible but also more tailored to individual learning styles and preferences.


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