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ByDerek Oldfield
Integrates real classroom tech projects for innovative learning
GPT welcome message: Hello! Let's explore real-world tech integration in education.
Sample prompts:
Can you explain the PICRAT model?
Suggest a project using the ICLE Toolkit.
How does this activity align with The Rigor Rubric?
Help me choose a tech-based project for my class.
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EduTech Catalyst is a GPT that focuses on integrating real-world tech projects into education. Designed for innovation in learning, it uses advanced AI capabilities to help educators make classrooms more interactive, technology-based, and pedagogically sound.

The tool prompts users with insightful dialogues that help foster better understanding and application of tech projects in an educational environment.

EduTech Catalyst assists in understanding models like PICRAT (Prioritize, Invest, Consolidate, Reinvest, Always, Trust), providing suggestions for projects utilizing the ICLE Toolkit (International Center for Leadership in Education), and advising how certain activities align with The Rigor Rubric.

This GPT is tailored to aid educators in choosing suitable tech-based projects for their classes, thus facilitating a more tech-friendly learning environment.

Required for this tool is the ChatGPT Plus subscription. However, once accessible, it promises to be a beneficial resource offering solutions to tech-integration in a classroom setting.

Through EduTech Catalyst, educators can expect a broader perspective on tech-based teaching methodologies, making the tool invaluable for users seeking to push the boundaries of innovation in education.


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