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Crafting engaging presentations with AI.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to craft a captivating presentation?
Sample prompts:
Create a pitch deck for FoodDrive, an autonomous food truck company.
Help me create a single slide with a SWOT analysis of the podcast industry.
Help me design a custom theme for my slides (colors and fonts).
Give me tips on how to improve the design of my presentation.
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Plus AI Presentation Maker is a GPT that is designed to facilitate the creation of engaging and compelling presentations. It is incorporated with the technology to generate design ideas, paints a broader picture of industries for analysis, and provides insights on how to improve overall presentation style.

This GPT merges the principles of good design with appealing visual configurations for presentations.As its primary function, Plus AI Presentation Maker help users craft captivating presentations with proactive suggestions on theme customization, slide design, content placement and more.

It can generate pitch decks for various industries, such as an autonomous food truck company, highlighting their key advantages and potential challenges in an insightful way that resonates with the audience.

One distinctive feature of this GPT is the SWOT analysis it renders for different fields like the podcast industry.The GPT is not just bound to creating new presentations, it also offers guidance to improve pre-existing presentations aesthetically and contextually.

Through its intelligent algorithm, it can provide users with valuable tips on enhancing the design and structure of their presentations. This helps the users to transform a general presentation into an influential visual story that can easily capture the attention of the audience.

While the Plus AI Presentation Maker is an exquisite tool for creating state-of-the-art presentations, it fundamentally requires ChatGPT as a platform to function.

The prerequisite for using this tool effectively is a solid understanding of the working principles of ChatGPT.In conclusion, Plus AI Presentation Maker is a versatile GPT that serves as an exceptional aid for those aiming to create powerful and meaningful presentations without having to worry about missing out on important design or content elements.


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