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Generate and visualize UI components in real time.
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Cayodis is a tool designed for building User Interface (UI) components for the web. This tool is propelled by the core feature of being able to generate, visualize, and iterate UI components.

Using Cayodis, users can specify their needs using natural language and the tool will create the corresponding UI component. A unique aspect of using Cayodis is the real-time visualization of the component being constructed, which supports iterative design and development processes.

Not only does this facilitate instant feedback and adjustments but it also encourages rapid prototyping. As users describe what they need in natural language, Cayodis interprets this and generates the requisite UI component.

This ability to construct UI designs through interaction and feedback in natural language makes Cayodis an innovative tool in the domain of web design and development.

Through Cayodis, a direct link is created between the designer's concept and the actual product making the design and development process more efficient.

Cayodis is committed to user privacy and has its privacy policy and terms of service readily available.


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Pros and Cons


Generates UI components
Visualizes UI components
Real-time visualization
Supports iterative design
Facilitates rapid prototyping
Interprets natural language
Creates efficient design process
Ensures user privacy
Provides feedback system
Web component generation
Link between concept and product
Privacy policy and terms available
Supports web development
Innovative in web design


Limited to Web UI
No native language support
Dependence on continuous internet
Reliant on natural language input
Lack of manual control
No offline use
No explicit data security
Possible semantic misunderstanding


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Does Cayodis facilitate instant feedback and adjustments?
How does Cayodis encourage rapid prototyping?
How does Cayodis interpret natural language to generate UI components?
In what ways does Cayodis make web design and development more efficient?
Is there any direct link between the designer's concept and the actual product through Cayodis?
Is Cayodis committed to user privacy?
Where can I find Cayodis's privacy policy and terms of service?
Does Cayodis use AI to assist its design?
What kind of UI components can be generated using Cayodis?
Can I visualize the components on Cayodis as they are being built?
How is Cayodis different from other web design tools?
In what ways can Cayodis support iterative design?
What kind of feedback and adjustments does Cayodis support?

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