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User interfaces
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Luny AI is an innovative tool designed to generate user interfaces (UI) with the help of artificial intelligence. It provides users with the capability to describe a component or a complete application workflow, from which Luny AI can generate a UI file.

The tool supports a variety of formats including XD, Framer, Webflow, and Figma, allowing for easier integration in various design projects. Luny AI also empowers users with the ability to prompt ideas for components or complete application workflows, and the AI can help in formulating these prompts.

The components that get generated can be easily edited on the user's preferred design platform. Module creation is further simplified by atomic components that can be generated in just two clicks, making it a valuable tool for UI/UX designers looking to streamline their workflows.In addition to these features, Luny AI also includes an integrated web application where users can manage all their creations in one place.

This web application also includes a community hub, where users can see prompts from others, as well as buy and sell creations. Furthermore, the tool has integrations with popular project management tools such as Asana and Notion, providing the capability to generate UI from technical specifications.

Lastly, Luny AI offers a marketplace for users to access high-level components generated by the AI or by the community, and sell their own creations.


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