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Instantly interview your entire candidate pipeline using AI.
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Interviewer is an AI platform designed to streamline the recruitment process through end-to-end interview automation. Named Steve, the platform's AI interviewer conducts unbiased voice interviews with all candidates in the pipeline, aiming to reduce hiring time.

Steve offers a suite of features which include providing audio and video recordings of each candidate's interview, instant transcriptions and summaries of interviews, and unique session links for each interview.

In addition, it offers a real-time dashboard presenting all interviews and related candidate analytics. Interviewer is customizable to any company's needs, allowing each to dictate what topics are covered during interviews.

This way, it automatically creates role-specific questions and case studies. One of its notable features is the ability to formulate instant follow-up questions based on the candidates' responses.

Following an interview, it provides immediate scoring and takeaways, showing why a candidate did or didnt fulfill the criteria. The platform integrates seamlessly with existing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) and communication systems.

For its case-based interviews, it has built-in anti-cheating functionality like candidate video recording, voice change detection, and video recording analysis.

Moreover, the AI interviewer can be used for any role, is provided with a grading bar customized to each company's standards, and pricing tier depends on the interview length and role type.

Interviewer suggests that its services are generally more cost-effective than having a human team member conduct the interviews.


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Pros and Cons


Unbiased voice interviews
End-to-end interview automation
Provides interview recordings
Offers instant transcriptions
Unique session links
Real-time candidate analytics dashboard
Can customize interview topics
Formulates instant follow-up questions
Immediate scoring and takeaways
Seamless ATS and HRIS integration
Anti-cheating functions
Role and Company customization
Customizable grading criteria
Role-specific question creation
Case-based interview creation
Voice change detection
Video recording analysis
Usable for any role
Flexible pricing based on interview length
Strategy against candidate cheating
Integrates with communication systems
Saves hiring time
Mass candidate interviewing
Personalized interview process
Interview summaries
Calibrated rubric creation
Defined candidate grading bar
Skill-based candidate screening
Works with existing hiring process


Limited personal interaction
Possibly unnatural voice interaction
Inefficient anti-cheating measures
Potentially complicated integration
Limited customization
Reliant on quality of transcriptions
Transcription discrepancies
Lack of human judgement
Requires high-speed internet


What exactly is
What is the main function of Steve, the AI interviewer?
How does Steve aim to reduce hiring time?
What specific features does Steve offer?
What's included in the real-time dashboard?
How customizable is Interviewer to a company's needs?
Can Interviewer create role-specific interview questions and case studies?
Does Steve come up with follow-up questions on the spot based on candidates' responses?
Does Interviewer offer immediate scoring and feedback post-interview?
How does Interviewer integrate with existing ATS, HRIS and communication systems?
What anti-cheating measures does Interviewer have in place for case-based interviews?
Is the AI Interviewer suitable for all shortlisted job roles?
Can the grading bar be adjusted according to each company's standards?
How is the pricing for Interviewer determined?
How does Interviewer claim to be more cost-effective than a traditional interview?
Does Interviewer provide audio and video recordings of each interview?
Do transcriptions and summaries of interviews get generated instantly?
How does Interviewer ensure unbiased interviewing?
Does the platform provide unique session links for each interview?
Does offer a demo for potential users?

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