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Build Semantically Relevant Contextual Interlinks at Scale!
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LinkBoss is an AI-driven tool designed to implement effective and efficient interlinking strategies for websites. This tool provides convenience to its users by allowing them to generate topic clusters, create custom interlinking networks, and build internal links for individual posts.

Utilizing Machine Learning algorithms, LinkBoss can analyze the content of a website and suggests semantically relevant sentences for creating perfectly contextual links.

This tool also has the capability to generate unique, context-rich paragraphs when existing content fails to provide the suitable context for a contextual anchor.

Moreover, it offers a feature to monitor and manage interlinking strategies across multiple WordPress sites from a single user-friendly dashboard. Furthermore, it allows users to effortlessly manage and insert links that are contextually relevant with bulk link processing.

On top of these, LinkBoss incorporates functionalities to check the internal and external 404s, and provide in-depth insights based on essential metrics.


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LinkBoss was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 5th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Generates topic clusters
Creates custom interlinking networks
Builds internal links for posts
Suggests semantically relevant sentences
Generates context-rich paragraphs
Manages multiple WordPress sites
Single user-friendly dashboard
Offers bulk link processing
Checks internal and external 404s
Provides essential metrics insights
Contextually relevant link insertion
Offers Smart contextual linking
Effortless topic clusters construction
Unique content generation for context
Detailed site reports generation
Supports creating interlinking silos
Supports nested silos
Supports hub page hybrid silos
Supports custom silo networks
Anchor text customization
Semantic interlinking network
User-friendly interface
Facilitates easy collaboration
Provides with invaluable site insights
Contextually relevant anchor generation
One-click bulk interlinking feature
Centralized site control from dashboard
Incorporates NLP-friendly anchor text
Caters to varied needs of SEOs, agencies, bloggers, publishers
Offers a free trial without requiring credit card
Support included in all plans
Capability of managing less than 20K posts websites


Compatible with Wordpress only
Supports English only
Doesn't support all pagebuilders
Limited to 20 thousand posts
Website specific credit system
Monthly plan without roll over
No intuitive anchor customization


What does LinkBoss do?
How does LinkBoss use Machine Learning algorithms?
Can LinkBoss analyze the content of a website?
What is the role of topic clusters in LinkBoss?
How does LinkBoss help in creating interlinking networks?
Can LinkBoss generate context-rich paragraphs?
Can LinkBoss check the internal and external 404s?
Does LinkBoss offer insights based on essential metrics?
Can LinkBoss manage multiple WordPress sites?
What is the process of bulk link processing in LinkBoss?
How is Linkboss used for website optimization?
Is LinkBoss user friendly?
Is LinkBoss compatible with WordPress sites?
Does LinkBoss offer any other features?
Is LinkBoss effective for SEO?
How does LinkBoss use AI Technology?
What makes LinkBoss the most powerful interlinking tool?
How can LinkBoss generate semantically relevant contextual links?
Why should someone use LinkBoss for interlinking strategies?
How can LinkBoss help in transforming interlinking strategies?

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