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NewsDeck is an AI-powered newsreader that helps users stay up to date on the latest news stories. It uses a powerful AI system to find, filter and analyze thousands of articles from hundreds of publishers in real-time.

The AI system also helps to correlate coverage across multiple publishers and make sense of how stories evolve over time. NewsDeck is a small team of three with a mission to change the way people read the news.

They are open about their progress, company values and finances and are open to user feedback. NewsDeck makes it easy to find, filter, and analyze news stories related to over 500,000 people, companies, countries and topics.


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Aug 25, 2023
We love this little addition to the OneSub family and we find it super-useful for keeping on top of important topics. If you have any feature requests get in touch!

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Pros and Cons


Real-time news analysis
Filters thousands of articles
Correlates coverage across publishers
Traces story evolution
Company transparency
Open to user feedback
Works with hundreds of publishers
Built by a small team
Ethical decision-making
Provides insight into news characterization
Stream-news feature
Can analyze over 500,000 topics
Global news access
Transparency about funding sources
Coverage of broad range of topics
Open about company values


Small support team
Lacks custom filtering options
No app version
Depends heavily on publishers
No offline mode
No multi-language support


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Is there a way for NewsDeck to analyze topics that matter to me?
How transparent is NewsDeck about their AI decision making?
How is NewsDeck funded?
What are NewsDeck's company values?
How does NewsDeck correlate news coverage?
Can NewsDeck help me track the global news cycle?
How many topics can NewsDeck filter news stories around?
Does NewsDeck disclose its news sources?
Who are the creators of NewsDeck?

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