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UniDub is a multi-lingual AI dubbing platform that allows users to create or dub videos in over 40 languages. This tool offers support for emotions, style, and background music, and it can be used in just three simple steps.

UniDub is cost-effective, providing a more affordable alternative to manual dubbing. It also enables users to create videos that can express multiple emotions, helping to enhance the overall quality of the content.

With support for more than 40 languages, UniDub allows users to expand their audience base by reaching them in their preferred language. Additionally, UniDub is designed to minimize production time, significantly reducing the time required for manual dubbing.

Some of the top use cases of UniDub include dubbing videos with emotions, style, and background music, creating animated videos with text and voices in multiple languages, making custom voices for a personalized experience, and converting storybooks into videos with character-wise voices.

UniDub offers a free version with limited credit minutes, and it also provides Pro and Enterprise plans with additional features such as pay-as-you-go pricing, custom voices, custom avatars, and extended retention periods.

The tool is supported by SAIVA Technology Private Limited and offers customer support via email and a dedicated helpline.


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UniDub was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 28th 2023.

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Pros and Cons


Supports 40+ languages
Emotion and style support
Background music support
Expressive speech creation
Minimizes production time
Custom avatars creation
Creating audiobooks
Free version available
Pay-as-you-go pricing option
Extended retention periods
Custom voices feature
Customer support via email
Customer support via helpline
No credit card required
Translation and STT support
Custom avatars
Add extra languages
Unlimited Voices
Unlimited Avatars
Video creation support
24/5 customer support
24/7 customer support
Help center access
Dedicated customer support


Limited free version
No upfront cost required
Limited retention period
Pay-as-you-go can be costly
Video creation coming soon not ready
Custom avatar requires user effort
Dependent on subtitle quality
Emotion depiction may not be perfect
Helpline may have wait time
Customer support mainly via email
Unsure of custom voice quality
Video and voice upload required


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What are the top use cases of UniDub?
Does UniDub allow making custom voices?
Can I convert storybooks into videos using UniDub?
How many steps does it take to dub a video with UniDub?
Does UniDub offer a free version?
What additional features do Unidub's Pro and Enterprise versions offer?
How can I contact UniDub for customer support?
Can I generate my own avatars and voices with UniDub?
How long is the retention period in various UniDub plans?
Does UniDub support background music for video dubbing?
How time-efficient is UniDub compared to manual dubbing?
Are there any upfront costs with the pro and enterprise plans of UniDub?
How does UniDub create expressive speech in videos?


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