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A Dead Simple Spam Detection Software Powered By AI
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Wavu serves as a user-friendly spam detection tool that harnesses AI technology to provide a spam-free experience for users. As a barrier against spam, it monitors user-generated content and reduces the task of content moderation for developers.

Wavu's solution stands out with its advanced text-analysis model trained on a broad and diverse range of spam datasets, allowing it to effectively manage spam.

It also provides an extra layer of security with its GEO-IP and blacklist detection features, which can identify requests from known spammers or impose restrictions based on country.Moreover, Wavu takes a step further by possessing the ability to detect and prevent AI generated content, adding another level of protection and preserving the integrity of user interactions on your site.

Upholding high standards in data protection, Wavu employs industry-best practices and encryption to safeguard user data, offering a private and secure platform.Wavu also boasts a range of integrations facilitating its usage regardless of the user's technical ability.

It is developing libraries for various languages and plugins for no-code solutions to simplify its connection to your service. It has plugins for Wordpress, Bubble, Zapier, Pixpa, Webflow and more.Personal, Pro, and Business pricing plans are available that cater to different needs and usage scales, and enterprise packages can also be customized.

All these pricing plans include all features and unlimited website usage.


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Jan 14, 2024
needed to register for access.... nothng happened
Jan 14, 2024
Hi Lenny, I apologize if we made this process a little confusing. We are currently in pre launch. Filling out our form in our website will enter you into our waitlist. Upon our launch you will receive an email and instructions on redeeming your free month of our service. Best, Tristan schlarman

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Wavu was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 13th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Advanced text-analysis model
Trained on diverse spam datasets
GEO-IP detection feature
Blacklist detection
High standards in data protection
Utilizes industry-best encryption practices
Multiple integrations
Development of language libraries
Plugins for no-code solutions
Supports Wordpress, Bubble, Zapier, Pixpa, Webflow
Personalized pricing plans
Pro, Business, Enterprise packages
Customizable enterprise packages
Unlimited website usage
Includes all features in all pricing plans
Offers a private and secure platform
In-house built features
Blacklist configuration flexibility
Stringent adherence to data protection standards


Pricing may not be affordable for everyone
May have limitations on API calls
Dependent on quality of spam datasets
Possible false positives or negatives
No SOC2 or ISO certifications mentioned
Limited number of integrations
Not open source
Libraries are still in development
Potential geographical limitations
Undefined customization in enterprise packages


What is Wavu?
How does Wavu use AI in spam detection?
What type of text-analysis model does Wavu use?
What types of content does Wavu monitor for spam?
How does Wavu's GEO-IP and blacklist detection feature work?
Can Wavu detect and prevent AI generated content?
How does Wavu ensure data protection?
Does Wavu offer encryption for user data?
What integrations does Wavu support?
Does Wavu offer libraries for different programming languages?
Are there any plugins available for integration with Wavu?
What are the different pricing plans available for Wavu?
Does Wavu offer enterprise packages?
Are all Wavu features included in all pricing plans?
Does Wavu impose any restrictions on website usage?
How many calls per month are included in different Wavu plans?
What type of support does Wavu provide?
Does Wavu offer any no-code solutions?
How can I integrate Wavu with my Wordpress site?
Can Wavu be used with Bubble and Zapier?

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