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Create personalized fairytales in minutes designed by you and assembled by AI
Generated by ChatGPT
Share joy with your loved ones through magical and untold fairy tales.

First, add your character(s), specifying their traits and appearances. Then, select your desired genre. Finally, wait for the AI to reveal your personalized fairy tale.

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Jan 26, 2024
WHEN she and her Enemy had one night stand ( Smutty chapter with Dialogues please)

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Pros and Cons


Personalized fairy tales
Empowers individual creativity
User-centric tool
Unique story generation
Provides inspiration examples
High levels of customization
Enables personalized gifts
Multi-genre support
Customize character traits
Unique narrative for everyone
Supports creative writing
Fast story generation
Promotes emotional engagement
Inspiration generator
Creates never-told narratives
User-defined character appearances
Supports special moments sharing


Price not specified
Unpredictable generation time
Limited to fairy tales
No collaborative story creation
No mention of difference between user renditions
No stated language support
No description of interface
Unclear gifting process
No user rating visible


What is WizFairy?
How does WizFairy use AI to create fairy tales?
Can I choose different genres in WizFairy?
How customizable is a story in WizFairy?
Can WizFairy create a completely unique story for me?
Does WizFairy provide examples for inspiration?
Can I send my WizFairy story as a gift?
How long does it take to create a story in WizFairy?
What kind of characters can I add in my WizFairy story?
Can I specify traits and appearances of characters in WizFairy?
How is WizFairy different from other story generation tools?
Is WizFairy meant for a specific age group or audience?
Can WizFairy generate a tale from any user input?
How user-centric is WizFairy's design and function?
How many stories can WizFairy generate at a time?
How does WizFairy ensure every story is a never-told narrative?
What are the steps to create a story in WizFairy?
Can I edit my story after it's generated by WizFairy?
How does WizFairy facilitate individual creativity?
How does WizFairy ensure emotional engagement in its stories?

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