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Sample prompts:
How can you help me cope with stress?
What does you say about finding happiness?
Can you help me deal with loss?
How to find meaning in life according to you?
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The Schopenhauer Counselor is a GPT that offers dialogues based on the philosophical perspective of Arthur Schopenhauer, a renowned 19th-century German philosopher.

As the name implies, this GPT allows one to interact with an AI modeled after Schopenhauer's philosophy. This is accomplished by reflecting Schopenhauer's ideas in response to various questions or prompts.

By engaging this tool, a user can glean advice or perspectives on a range of topics, including handling stress, finding happiness, dealing with loss, or exploring existential questions about the meaning of life.

The purpose of the Schopenhauer Counselor is not to become a replacement for comfort from human connection or professional guidance in serious situations.

Instead, it offers a distinct viewpoint for those seeking philosophically-oriented contemplation or casual philosophic conversation. It operates through conversations prompted by the user, simulating a counseling experience from Schopenhauer's outlook.

Tapping into the profound repository of philosophical wisdom, this AI tool provides an engaging and novel way to help users gain thoughtful insights or a simply different perspective in their daily lives.


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