Voice cloning 2023-04-21
Created language-agnostic voice outputs.
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Bark is a multilingual and advanced text-to-speech and generative audio model developed by Suno. Its state-of-the-art technology is based on GPT-style models and can produce highly realistic speech, music, background noise, and simple sound effects.

Users can create nonverbal communication such as laughing, sighing, and crying, adding versatility to the tool. The program's voices are highly expressive and emotive, capturing nuances such as tone, pitch, and rhythm.

Notably, Bark supports multiple languages and can generate speech in Mandarin, French, Italian, Spanish, and other languages with impressive clarity and accuracy.

With Bark, switching between languages is easy, and sound effects remain of high quality. Bark's intuitive design makes it an ideal tool for individuals and businesses looking to create high-quality voice content for their platforms.

It can be used to create podcasts, audiobooks, video game sounds, or any other form of voice content.Bark's features include multilingual support, music generation, and full voice and audio cloning, including tone, pitch, emotion and prosody.

The initial text prompt is embedded into high-level semantic tokens without using phonemes, and a subsequent second model is used to convert the generated semantic tokens into audio codec tokens to generate the full waveform.

This makes it possible to generalize the tool to other forms of audio beyond speech, such as music lyrics and sound effects. Its advanced technology makes Bark a versatile and useful tool for creating high-quality, synthetic audio in multiple languages.


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BARK was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Multilingual support
Produces nonverbal communication
Generates sound effects
Generates music
Generative audio model
Advanced TTS capability
Clones voice and emotion
Intuitive design for use
Ideal for various voice content
Generalizes to other forms of audio
Automatic language determination for speech
Supports coding text fabrication
Creates high-quality synthetic audio
Preserves audio history prompts
Users can add speaker prompts
Support for specific non-speech sounds
Supports multiple languages
Unrestricted voice cloning capability
Generates audio from scratch
Produces highly emotive voices
Capable of converting semantic tokens to audio codes
Produces highly expressive audio
Can decode code-switched text
Generates text in native accents
Safe use with allowed prompts
Can generate capitalization for emphasis
Simple setup and use for audio cloning
Provides Jupyter notebooks for cloning
Generates unique audio from short samples
Respects certain speaker instructions


Need for coding knowledge
No audio customization
Not always respecting speaker prompts
Limited audio history prompts
Lack of explicit programming API
Complex model parameters adjustment
No standalone desktop version
No integrated voice recording
Misuse of technology potential
Not suitable for novices


What is Bark's main functionality?
How does Bark's voice cloning work?
What languages are supported by Bark?
Can Bark mimic sound effects and nonverbal communication?
What is the foundation of Bark's technology?
Does Bark provide music generation feature?
How user-friendly is Bark's user interface?
Can Bark be used to generate content for apps such as podcasts or video games?
Is Bark solely focused on speech generation?
What does Bark's initial text prompt do?
What is the role of the audio codec tokens in Bark?
How can I save the generated audio in Bark?
Are there any known non-speech sounds that Bark recognizes?
Does Bark offer a free version of its model?
What types of audio can Bark generate?
What are the limitations to Bark's voice cloning feature?
Can Bark generate a German accent when given English text?
What is Bark 'Serpy' release?
Can Bark generate speech from an audio sample as short as 5-10 seconds?
How reliable is Bark when generating multilingual content?

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