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Automate, filter and summarize news from any website.
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LightFeed is an automated news hub that leverages LLM (Latent Logic Model) technology to track, filter, and summarize news from any public website. This provides a customised and highly accessible method of keeping up-to-date with chosen topics, with the summarized news being available to view in a browser, through email, or via RSS.

LightFeed can be used to create a personalised news hub, providing curated updates on topics ranging from technology to finance. The service's automation offers daily updates, ensuring a steady stream of the most recent information available.

It significantly simplifies the task of monitoring disparate news sources, and allows users to focus on the most relevant content for their needs without the requirement of manually searching multiple sites.

Furthermore, it is designed to preserve classic games for future playability using high tech graphics, and even provides abstract interpretation as a programming language.


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LightFeed was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 18th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Browser, Email and RSS accessibility
Personalized news hub creation
Covers diverse topics
Constant daily updates
Massive time efficiency
Web scraping capability
Email notifications
RSS feed subscriptions
Specific topic tracking
High-tech graphics for gameplay
Abstract interpretation programming language
Filter and summarize news
Effortless content curation
No manual mult-site searching
Automated news from any site
Conveniently automated updates
High accessibility and customization
Significantly simplifies news monitoring
Content relevance focus
Multiple information view options
Supports diverse news sources
LLM technology tracking and filtering
Helps focus on relevant content
Efficient newsletter email updates
Cross-platform support (browser, email, RSS)
Preservation of classic games
Abstract interpretation in programming
Compatible with public websites


No mobile application
Doesn't support non-English websites
Restricted to public websites
No real time updates
Lack of user interface customization
No content caching
Doesn't integrate with social media
Doesn't support paywalled sites
Possible missed updates due to proxies
Extra features require manual trigger


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