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Quickly prototype ideas for conversational agents
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PromptScaper is an AI tool designed to facilitate the prototyping of conversational agents that use tools.

The big benefit is you don't need to build any of those tools yet. In PromptScaper you simply define the tools that you imagine would exist and simulate their responses, observing the chatbots success at working with the tool. This means quick evaluation of ideas of conversational agents, that you can then take into development for real.

You can save and share workspaces with your coworkers or come back to them later.

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Pros and Cons


Quickly prototype conversational agents
No-code chatbot development
Simulates tool responses
Quick evaluation of chatbots
Allows for idea development
Save and share workspaces
Return to work later
Export/import options
Easily toggle functions and options
Secure API key storage
Multiple model options
Adjustable algorithm parameters
Control token limit


No live testing
Limited model options
No multi-user collaboration
Dependent on browser storage
No mobile application
Not beginner friendly
Strictly no-code
No Iterative Improvement option
No in-built analytics


What is PromptScaper?
What features does PromptScaper offer for prototyping conversational agents?
How does PromptScaper facilitate the creation of prototypes for AI conversational tools?
Do I need coding skills to use PromptScaper?
What does LLM stand for when using PromptScaper?
How does PromptScaper help with the evaluation of chatbot ideas?
How can I share workspaces with my coworkers using PromptScaper?
Can I save my work and come back to it later with PromptScaper?
How do I export or import work on PromptScaper?
Does PromptScaper have a Toggle Functions option, and what does it do?
Where can I find examples of using PromptScaper?
How do I enter my OPENAI API KEY in PromptScaper?
Does PromptScaper store my OPENAI API Key?
What are the model options in PromptScaper?
What is the 'Temperature' setting in PromptScaper?
What are 'Frequency Penalty' and 'Presence Penalty' settings in PromptScaper?
What's the maximum tokens limit on PromptScaper?
Do I need an OPENAI API KEY to use PromptScaper?
What does 'cache locally' mean in PromptScaper settings?
How do I select a different model in PromptScaper?

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