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AI mock interview tool to help you land your dream job
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Skillora is an AI-powered tool devised to help job seekers, companies, educational institutions, and recruitment agencies perfect their interview skills or streamline their hiring processes.

Focused on helping users perform better in job interviews, it provides a platform for realistic and personalized mock interviews, which are tailored to the users' resumes.

The AI interviewer adapts to the needs of the users, providing instant feedback for a quicker improvement of their skills. Skillora provides comprehensive interview scenarios for various job roles, ranging from entry-level to advanced, across diverse industries.

With the tool, users can practice any subject or skill they wish to improve, encounter questions from real industry interviews, and receive instant constructive feedback on their responses.

In addition to individual use, educational institutions can integrate Skillora into their career services to help prepare students for job interviews.

Corporations can use it for training new and existing employees, while career coaches and recruitment agencies can leverage this platform to enhance their coaching effectiveness and hiring outcomes.

All of these functions are customizable to match specific industry and experience levels.


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Skillora was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 26th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized mock interviews
Comprehensive interview scenarios
Customizable to industry/experience
Real industry interview questions
Applicable for various roles
Useful for individuals/organizations
Training for new/existing employees
Career coaching effectiveness
Streamlining hiring processes
Resume tailored interviews
Deepens interviewee confidence
Realistic practice environment
Experience specific question sets
Customizable mock interviews
Enhances critical thinking
Access to example answers
Instant improvement insights
Integration in career services
Simulates entry-level/advanced roles
Wide range of subjects
Real-world follow-up questions
Data-driven insights
Affiliate program with rewards
Ideal for recruitment agencies


Limited to interview preparation
No multi-language support
No offline functionality
Limited industry customization
No collaborative features
Lacks evaluation metrics
Feedback may not fit everyone
No mobile app
Limited to one user type

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