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Summarize videos, automatically extract and convert slides from YouTube videos into a PDF
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Stream Slides is an AI-based tool designed to automatically extract and convert slides from YouTube videos into a downloadable PDF format. This tool is particularly useful for educational content, presentations and quick access to comprehensive material presented in a video format.

The operational procedure is simple and involves the user entering the URL of a YouTube video they wish to convert, then clicking the 'Extract Slides' button.

Following this, the tool will process the video, a duration dependent on the length of the video, and generate a preview PDF for the user. The user can then download this PDF using the 'Download PDF' button.

The tool may not detect every slide within the video, but improvements to this system are continually being made. The output of Stream Slides has been demonstrated to be effective in diverse content scenarios, providing a significant educational and presentations aid for users.

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Dec 12, 2023
This tool is great for extracting slides from education content.

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Pros and Cons


YouTube video to PDF
Automatic slide extraction
Easy URL processing
PDF preview generation
Downloadable content
Improving detection capability
Effective for diverse content
Significant educational aid
Useful for presentations
Time-saving operation
Continuous system improvements
Effective summarizing ability
Clean user interface
Simple operational procedure
Flexible for any video
Converts entire video content
Speaker note extraction
Ideal for comprehensive material
Excellent presentation tool
Perfect summarizing capability
Handles variable video length
Educational content tool
Supports long-form content
Shorter videos processed faster


Only supports YouTube videos
Slides detection imperfect
Long processing time for longer videos
Does not support batch conversion
Conversion duration unpredictable
No option for image format
No API for integration
Limited to only PDF output
Quality of PDF output varies
Cannot recognize superimposed text


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Why is Stream Slides described as an educational aid?

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