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Safeguard digital assets and expose fake media.
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Attestiv is an AI content detection and digital media forensics tool aimed to safeguard digital assets and uncover fake or manipulated media, such as photos, videos, and documents.

The tool uses patented AI technology to authenticate uploaded media, ensuring that shared information is secure. In real time via mobile devices, APIs, or the Attestiv web portal, photos, videos, and documents are fingerprinted and validated without alterations.

The core functionality of Attestiv lies in its ability to protect businesses and organizations from potential harm due to misuse of altered or fabricated digital media.

The platform is designed to meet the requirements of diverse sectors, including insurance, financial services, news and media among others. Attestiv has found its application in personal property and commercial quoting, claims, renewals, inspections, and in prevention of fraud and losses arising due to manipulated media.

Moreover, the platform fortifies the integrity of news and media content with authentication and traceability. Besides, its technology validates critical data for industries like IoT, Real Estate, Shipping, Automotive, and Construction.

In essence, Attestiv is an AI-based solution committed to promoting digital truthfulness, thereby minimizing risk and protecting the reputation of users and organizations.


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Attestiv was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 6th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time authenticity validation
Media fingerprinting
Fraud prevention tool
Mobile devices, APIs, Web portal
Diverse sector applications
Identity protection for businesses
Protects organizational reputation
Unveils manipulated media
Document validation
Risk minimization
Media integrity fortification
Increased media traceability
Critical data validation
Self-service solutions
Efficient process automation
Detects various manipulation types
Flawless workflow integration
User-friendly interface
Customizable for different needs
Optimized for various industries
Secure data handling
Validates numerous digital assets
Analytics and reporting features
Accommodates various business sizes
Fast and efficient verification
Helps track industry best practices


Lacks customization capabilities
Unreliable detection accuracy
Slow media analysis process
Limited asset types supported
Potential for false positives
Intrusive fingerprinting method
No built-in analytics
Inefficient self-service operations
Platform not user-friendly
Lacks multi-language support


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Can Attestiv help in prevention of fraud and losses arising due to manipulated media?
Can Attestiv fortify the integrity of digital assets in the news and media industry?

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