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Turn kid's doodles into masterpieces
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DoDoBoo is a mobile application that uses artificial intelligence to transform children's doodles into vivid art pieces. It is designed to enhance the creativity and confidence of children, fostering their artistic skills.

Specifically, the AI is finely-tuned to translate kids' sketches into hand-drawn masterpieces, encouraging their imagination in an engaging manner. The application is designed with child-friendly tools and colors, making the drawing experience comfortable and user-friendly for children.

To ensure the safety of its young users, DoDoBoo provides an environment free from harmful content, facilitating a worry-free creative space. It also introduces children to the concept of advanced technology in an entertaining and educational way, preparing them for future technology-driven contexts.

DoDoBoo runs regular updates for optimized performance, keeping the application lightweight yet robust. As part of its service, DoDoBoo features different membership plans that cater to the varying needs and preferences of its user base.

The application also plans to introduce new features, such as interactive story telling and an analytical tool that helps children learn about objects they find interesting.


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Pros and Cons


Transforms doodles into art
Encourages creativity and confidence
Child-friendly tool design
Kid's color preferences
Safe, harmful content-free environment
Introduces kids to tech
Regular application updates
Lightweight application
Robust performance
Variety in membership plans
Future interactive storytelling feature
Planned analytical learning tool
Good for hands-on learning
Right-hand-friendly tools
Weekly performance updates
5MB application size
Enhances art education
Boosts confidence with creations
Free attempts for users
Infinite drawing for Pro
Infinite canvas for Pro
Minimal latency for Master


No offline function
Limited to mobile
Requires regular updates
Membership plans costly
No free unrestricted version
Limited to child drawings
Cannot share drawings directly
No cross-platform usage
Not customisable interface
Potentially heavy data usage

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