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IdeaPicker - Generate startup ideas with AI by scanning Reddit for pain
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IdeaPicker is an AI tool for idea generation.

It scans Reddit posts to find pain's of people. Real pain points from real people!

Our AI then whips up startup ideas that can solve these problems.

Whether you're an entrepreneur or a business looking for a fresh twist, we've got something for you.

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Apr 4, 2024
I like some of the ideas it showed, but i'm stuck thinking about the initial investment some of them need. Is there a way you can add that info later?
Apr 4, 2024
Yes that's a good idea, I'll create a field for initial investment. Thank you!

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IdeaPicker was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 4th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Identifies real pain points
Scan Reddit posts
Generates business startup ideas
Automated idea creation
Relevant to daily problems
Creates potential business plans
Includes product description
Provides market analysis
Determines value proposition
Outlines marketing strategies
Formulates growth strategies
Potential revenue forecasting
Weekly hand-picked ideas
Newsletter subscription available
Solves problem with innovation
Enables entrepreneurship
Product description creation
Supports idea generation
Guidance for influencers
Real pain points analysis
Real-world problem solving
Interfaces with Reddit data
In-depth data analysis capabilities
25,000+ startup ideas
Entrepreneurs' tool
Comprehensive business strategies
In-depth revenue generation analysis


Limited to Reddit data
Possibly skewed idea generation
Depends on subjective 'pain-points'
No direct user input
Misses non-Reddit demographics
Might miss context nuances
No option for customization
Potential privacy concerns
Relevance to specific markets unclear
No prior success evaluation


What is IdeaPicker?
How does IdeaPicker generate startup ideas?
What is the source of IdeaPicker's data?
How does IdeaPicker scan and understand Reddit posts?
What types of problems does IdeaPicker aim to solve?
Does IdeaPicker only generate ideas or does it provide any additional services?
What are the major components of the business plans generated by IdeaPicker?
Can I receive the startup ideas generated by IdeaPicker in my email?
What is the frequency of the IdeaPicker newsletter?
How does IdeaPicker identify 'pain points'?
Can you provide examples of startup ideas generated by IdeaPicker from real Reddit user issues?
How specific are the startup ideas provided by IdeaPicker?
Can I use IdeaPicker if I am just looking for a fresh perspective for my current business?
How does IdeaPicker create a 'value proposition' for a startup idea?
Is there a cost associated with using IdeaPicker?
How many startup ideas have been generated by IdeaPicker so far?
Do I need to sign up or can I use IdeaPicker as a guest?
Is IdeaPicker suitable for all kinds of entrepreneurs?
How successful have startups been that used ideas from IdeaPicker?
What kind of market analysis does the Business Plan by IdeaPicker provide?

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