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Automate PDF data extraction with AI
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This tool is designed to transform PDF documents into structured and usable business data. It enables the extraction of specific data from PDFs using artificial intelligence, and subsequently outputs this data into a structured spreadsheet format, ready for integration into any system such as POS, CRM, ERP, or EHR.

The tool is able to work with all sorts of PDF layouts and formats. It enables direct connections to your Google Drive or Gmail inbox, decreasing errors derived from manual data entry and without any requirement for technical skills.

Workflow involves connecting your Google Drive folder or Gmail inbox to the tool, the use of custom formulas to extract and parse the contents, and the eventual receipt of a structured spreadsheet output.

This solution, provided by Lido, is trusted and used by various purchasing and supply chain teams.


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Pros and Cons


Transforms PDF to structured data
Direct integration with Google Drive
Direct integration with Gmail
Decreases manual entry errors
No technical skills required
Automates data extraction process
Data output to spreadsheets
Works with varying PDF layouts
Trusted by purchasing, supply chain teams
Formulas for data extraction and parsing
Customisable data extraction
Optimized for POS, CRM, ERP, EHR systems
Workflow includes Google Drive, Gmail connection
Automates repetitive tasks
Decreased operational inefficiencies
Direct connections to Google Drive or Gmail inbox
Used by various businesses


Limited to Google systems
Only extracts to spreadsheets
Involves complex formulas
Reliant on Internet connectivity
No offline functionality
Seemingly limited support
Integration details unclear
May struggle with complex PDFs
Limited system compatibility (POS, CRM etc.)
Not designed for individual users


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Can Lido integrate with my POS system?
How does Lido reduce errors in data entry?
Why is Lido trusted by purchasing and supply chain teams?
What does the workflow of using Lido look like?
Does Lido PDF Data Extraction support connection to my Gmail Inbox?
Which systems can I integrate the output data from Lido into?
Can Lido extract specific data from my PDFs?
Is there a demo available for Lido?
Can Lido automate all my PDF data extraction tasks?
How can Lido's custom formulas help in data parsing?
How does Lido directly connect to my Google Drive?
Can I use Lido without any technical skills?
Does Lido work with every PDF layout and format?
Can Lido turn my PDF documents into structured business data?
Can I use Lido's formula to parse the extracted PDF data into a specific format?

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