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Seamlessly extract data from any website without coding.
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No-Code Scraper is a tool designed for effortless data extraction from websites without the need for programming knowledge. The tool utilizes AI capabilities to enable users to scrape data simply by entering the URL of the target website.

No additional coding is necessary, making the software accessible for individuals and businesses of all skill levels. To scrape a website, users provide the URL and specify the data fields they wish to extract, and the tool handles the rest, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript parsing.

Worries concerning HTML modifications are mitigated as the scraper is designed to adjust and continue operating effectively even in the face of changes on the website.

It prides itself on its adaptability, capable of seamlessly working with any new website without requiring continuous adjustments. Once the data is gathered, it can be conveniently exported in various formats such as CSV, JSON, or Excel, according to the user's requirements.

This solution streamlines website scraping and proves to be a robust alternative for those seeking efficient ways of conducting data extraction.


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Pros and Cons


Effortless data extraction
No programming knowledge needed
HTML, CSS, JavaScript parsing
Adaptable to website changes
Works with any new website
CSV, JSON, Excel export
Zero coding expreience required
Unbreakable resilience
Universal website compatibility
Data export flexibility
Adaptable to HTML modifications
No continuous adjustments
Streamlined website scraping
Exports to Google Sheets
Exports to Notion
Exports to Airtable
Scraping jobs scheduling
API access
Premium Proxy Support
Multiple pricing plans
Free trial available
Secure data handling
Uses large language models
Founder's dedication to simplicity


No-API Access till Expert plan
Premium Proxy Support only for Expert
Unused credits expire each month
Data extraction not real-time
No mention of server location
Lack of customization options
Limited automation options
No integrations till Pro plan
Lack of data sanitization features
Mention of limit to 'any website'


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How does No-Code Scraper handle HTML, CSS, and JavaScript parsing?
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In which formats can the data be exported with No-Code Scraper?
Does No-Code Scraper require continuous adjustments for new websites?
How to specify the data fields in No-Code Scraper?
Can No-Code Scraper work with any website?
Is there a limit on the number of websites I can scrape using No-Code Scraper?
Do I need to install anything to use No-Code Scraper?
Does No-Code Scraper work on mobile devices?
What are the requirements for a website URL for No-Code Scraper?
What happens if a website changes its HTML after I have set up No-Code Scraper?
How does No-Code Scraper ensure data accuracy?
Can No-Code Scraper extract data from dynamic websites?
How secure is my data with No-Code Scraper?
What is the pricing for using No-Code Scraper?
What customer support does No-Code Scraper offer?
Does No-Code Scraper offer a free trial?

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